The Big Al Coaching Clinic is returning to District 10 for the 2015 Season.
This is a mandatory clinic for prospective Madera National Managers and coaches at all levels, Intermediate, Majors, and all Minor divisions. If you have any questions please contact your division VP.  
MNLL has paid to provide access to this clinic for all of our league Parents and Coaches. That's right.  Parents are welcome to attend as well.  
We have to provide a minimum attendance level or we will not be permitted to host any post season games at home.  Therefore it is necessary that we have as full participation as possible.
If you've had the fortune to speak with one of our coaches that attended last season, you will hear nothing but positive reviews. This is a world class program that has a solid reputation and provides a much needed solution to grow our coaches and raise the bar for all of our coaches.This season, the Clinic is a little closer to home, as well as a little later in the season to benefit more of our Minor division coaches.  It will be held in the Gymnasium (rain or shine) at Granite Ridge Intermediate school in Clovis, CA on February 22nd, 2015.
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