madera national 2011 - twelvesOn Thursday night Madera National Little League's 12 year old All Stars faced Atwater for the 2nd game of the District 10 Championship in Madera, on Madera American Leagues Field.  The boys started out convincingly and finished their effort as undeafeted during tournament play Champions of District 10.  They advance on Saturday 7/16/11 to play in Visalia against Morada from District 8 at 11am.  The boys appreciate your support.  If you have the opportunity, please take a quick drive down to Visalia to give them your support.  Way to go boys!  The league and community are proud of your accomplishments, and can't wait for you to bring home a Section title.

Please join us on Facebook.  Go to and click on the Like button.  We will try to keep everyone in the loop as the boys progress through the tournament.

I had a large article written on the first week of All Stars, but I guess it was too long as it disappeared when I went to post it.  So to save you some reading, the brackets have been updated and are posted in the Schedule section of the website.  The 12 year olds have won 3 games and play Friday against Reedley at 7pm here at home.  The 11 year olds had two tough games and are awaiting the results of a protest to see if their All-Star experience will continue.  The 10 year olds have won 2 and lost 1.  They play Thursday in Fresno against Sunnyside at 7pm.  Please continue to support these great players.  It has been a great All-Star season so far, and we look forward to seeing continued success.

All-Star Brackets for the 12 year old and the 10 year old teams have been posted for our Area of the All-Star tournament.  We will try to keep these updated as we know the results.  We will hopefully get the 11 year old teams brackets up Tuesday or Wednesday night.  As the All-Star tournament begins tomorrow, we want to wish all of our teams the greatest luck.  Please come out and support the 10 year olds tomorrow Tuesday 6/28 at 4:30pm, and the 12 year olds at 7pm here at home.  The teams welcome the support of the crowd. Both brackets can be found under the Schedules menu at the top and the left.  Or 12 year olds here, and 10 year olds here.

After two successful outings against Sunnyside and Reedley in this weeks District 10 Tournament of Champions.  Saturday's Championship game saw a great matchup between Madera National's Breakfast Lions and Riverpark's Tigers.  A true pitchers duel, this game went into the 8th inning tied 1-1.  With Riverparks starting pitcher going through 6 and 1/3 of those innings.  Breakfast Lions Isaac Rivera was so effiicient in his outing that he made it through 7 complete and through one batter in the 8th with his 85 pitches.  Through that effort he had an amazing 18 strikeouts.  These teams battled all the way until the end, with Riverpark scoring two runs in their half of the 8th.  As home team Madera had the last at bat, and although the crowd that watched the previous 7 inning fight, thought there was no way Madera could get the runs back to win the game, the boys didn't beleive that for one minute.  They proceeded to come to bat and fight their way back until the bases were loaded.  Talk about an exciting finish.  Both sets of bleachers were on the edge of their seats.  Coaches for both teams were fighting through every little detail of game play, making sure that their team wasn't missing any deserved opportunities.  In the end, Riverpark came out on top.  But they had to fight for every bit of that Championship banner.  And this little ole Madera National League team really showed that we have a great quality program, and kids and coaches that are every bit as high quality competitors as any other out there!  Congratulations to Breakfast Lions on an amazing 25-2 season!

The District 10 Tournament of Champions begiins today for Madera National at home on the fields of Town & Country Park. The AAA Minors Sam Balbas Painting will be facing off against the Minor division team representing Selma Ltittle League.  This will be the first TOC game for the National League Team, Selma played their first game yesterday, defeating Sunnyside Little League to advance to todays game.

In the Major division TOC our Breakfast Lions team will face Sunnyside.  Sunnyside defeated Selma yesterday in the Majors division bringing them to Madera today.  Good Luck to both of our teams. 

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