mnll all stars no dateAs it gets closer to the end of the regular season, the stands start to buzz with the questions from parents and player alike.  I wonder who's going to be on the All-Star team this season?  How do they pick these players anyways?  It's probably just the manager picking his favorites!  As this seems to be a somewhat secretive and confidential process, let me try to explain it so that everyone can understand.  It is not at all a secret process.  It is not a random selection, but a vote. The procedure can be found in the league Ground Rules section titled All-Stars.  Depending on the age group there are two different processes.

Let's start first with the 9/10 year old, and 10/11 year old teams.  Typically these teams are made up of players in the older age group for each team.  It is rare to find 9 year olds on the 9/10 teams, and 10 year olds on the 10/11 team. Both of these teams are selected the same way.  Each Major division team has 3 votes.  One for the manager, and one for each of the main rostered coaches.  At this time, the 4th coach does not recieve a ballot to vote unless one of the other coaches is unavailable at voting time.  Each Manager and Coach receives a ballot listing all of the players eligible for that age division, 9 & 10 year olds on the 9/10 ballots, and 10 & 11 year olds on the 10/11 ballots.  All voters select who they believe are the best 8 players on each of these team ballots.  Once voting is complete.  The votes are totaled and the top 12 players to receive votes are placed on their respective teams.  Once Managers are selected, the Manager of the team has the ability to add a 13th and/or 14th player to the roster to make sure the team has the best makeup and all of the necessary position players in place.

The 11/12 year old team runs a similar process, and like the two younger teams is most often made up of only 12 year olds.  The main different for this team is that it has a nomination ballot before the actual voting ballot.  When the managers and coaches receive the ballots for nomination, these ballots include all eligible 11 and 12 year olds, except those from their own teams.  This is to attempt to remove any special favoritism to their own players and create a ballot with only those players that the entire group of managers and coaches think are the best to represent the league.  They must select 8 players from this nomination list.  The top 24 nominees are then reviewed by the Board of Directors to make sure no players have been excluded that might have a special contribution to make. Once approved, the final ballot then goes back to the manager and coaches.  At this time they can then vote for any player, even from their own team, that deserves to be placed on our 11/12 tournament team. The players who receive enough votes to be the top 12 voted players in the voting are then placed on the team.  As with the 9/10's, and 10/11's, once managers are selected, the manager of the team has the ability to add a 13th and/or 14th player to the roster to make sure the team has the best makeup and all of the necessary position players in place.


Join us as we kick off the 61st season of Madera National Little League baseball today, Saturday, March 22, 2014.  Please have all players at the field no later than 8:30am.  Opening ceremonies should be an exciting time as we celebrate our latest additions with the Intermediate division that began last season taking part, as well as the brand new Challenger division players also being part of the ceremonies.  This is the 75th year of Little League baseball, and we look forward to many exciting games and opportunities to create great experiences and memories for both our players and their families.  The ceremony will feature former San Francisco Giant right fielder Steve Hosey as our guest speaker, who will also throw out our first pitch to begin the season.  Things go quickly in the morning as we begin our first game at 10am.  The day will be filled with games from our top 3 divisions, on both field #1 & #2.  Please stop by and enjoy a great day of baseball.

Makeup Tryouts for Saturday's Rainout will be as follows.

Tues evening - 5:30 6 and 8 y r olds.
- 6:30, 9 yr olds.

Weds evening - 5:30 10 yr olds.
- 6:30, 11, 12, 13 yr olds.

Remember, All players aged 8 years and above MUST take part in at least one tryout. The only one left after these is Saturday February 15th. Please share and spread the word.

Welcome to the new updated MNLL Website.  It is a 3 year leap forward in software technology.  It should have fixed most of our redirect troubles.  There are still some configuration issues we are dealing with, but overall the website should be operational and available when you follow the link from a search engine.  Time permitting, we will be introducing new features in addition to our standard standings, scores, and stats.  If you don't already know, we are available on facebook at Please follow us there for the most up to date information, especially updates on signups, tryouts, and season playing condition status regarding rainouts, etc.  Please stay tuned for more information.


Announcing the Annual General Membership Meeting for the Madera National Little League:


Madera National Little League will be holding its Annual Membership Meeting at 6:30pm on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at Round Table Pizza.  The purpose of the meeting is to approve the MNLL Constitution (which can be downloaded here), and electing the Board of Directors for the coming 2014 season.  Only those regular Members in good standing will be eligible to vote.  You can find out more information on whether or not you qualify as a current regular member, and what you can do to become one if you aren't.


For More information, or if you cannot attend ( but wish to obtain an absentee ballot), please contact our league Secretary, Dasha Staab, at (559) 706-7187.


Thank you,

2013 Madera National League Board of Directors

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