Drs. Stevinsons Drillers continued to pull it together when they had to, and pulled off
an incredible 6th inning rally to come back from a 3-2 deficit to beat Los Banos in their
second round TOC game tonight in Madera.  With a solo Home Run from Adam Medellin
early on to keep them close enough for the later attack, the team brought out the bats,
and some aggressive base running to defeat Los Banos 5-3 to stay alive.  They will face
the other Los Banos league in Los Banos Thursday night at 7pm in Los Banos.  If you
can make the trip, the team would love to have your support.

In the Minor League TOC game tonight Creamer Tile saw their season come to an end
against a very strong Los Banos Minor League team that beat Creamer 10-0.  
Congratulations on a great season boys.