The AA and AA schedules have been posted, with AA tournament underway this week.  We thought a day to day recap of the next couple of weeks would benefit everyone to see all of the activities at a glance.

Mon May 30 - 5:45pm field #6 AAA          7:45pm field #6  AAA

                          5:45pm field #1 AAA         7:45pm field #1  AAA

Tue May 31 - 5:45pm field #1 Majors     7:50pm field #1 Majors

Wed June 1 - 6:00pm field #1 - AA Championship Game

Thur June 2 - 5:45pm field #1 - AAA Semi-Final Game

                         7:45pm field #1 - AAA Semi-Final Game

Fri June 3 - NO GAMES

Sat June 4 - 6:00pm field #1 - Majors Championship

Mon June 6 - 6:00pm field #1 - AAA Championship


We want to wish all the kids good luck as they pursue their tournament goals.  As it has been the past couple seasons, we look for this to be an exciting week, and don't be surprised, if a team rises up to knock out the season favorite.  That's why we play the games!