The AA Playoff follows a pool format with 2 pools.  Pool 1 is Big Valley News, Cedar Creek, and Cen Cal.  Pool 2 is Stellar Distributing, Pool Care, and Evening Lions.  The team with the best record at the end of the pool play tournament from each pool will advance to the League Championship game.  The tournament begins Monday 5/23 and goes through until Friday 5/27.  There is a game each night and all games are at 5:45, except on Thursday 5/26 there are two AA games, one at 5:45 and the other at 7:25.  All games are at Field #6.

The Championship game will be Wednesday 6/1/11 at 6:00pm on Field #1.  Pool matchups are as follows.


  May Time Teams
Mon. 23rd 5:45 Big Valley News Cedar Creek
Tues. 24th 5:45 Stellar Distributing PoolCare
Wed. 25th 5:45 Cedar Creek Cen Cal
Thurs. 26th 5:45 Evening Lions Stellar Distributing
    7:25 Cen Cal Big Valley News
Fri. 27th 5:45 PoolCare Evening Lions
*Home team is listed first and will occuppy 1st base dugout