The weather has wreaked havoc on our first week of games.  We have rescheduled most of the missed games to be played on Saturday 4/2/11.  The game times are as follows.  This is of course, depending on the field conditions, and not being rained out again on Saturday.  Keep checking here for further updates.



Field #1
9:00 -  Madera Ford vs Creamer
11:15 -McDonalds vs Dr Stevenson
1:30p- Pete's vs Breakfast Lions
3:45 -  Round Table vs Kiwanis
6:00 -  Sam Balbas vs Andy's
Field #6
9:00  -   Evening Lions vs Cen Cal
10:30 -  State Farm vs Purl's
12:30p- Pool Care vs Cedar Creek
2:00p -  Ciummo vs Garibay
4:00p -  Mazon vs Art's Construction