Major division Championship game tonight saw 3rd seed Drs. Stevinsons win it all in 6
innings against regular season leaders Breakfast Lions.  Jordan Wilkins led the effort
pitching limiting Breakfast Lions to just one run entering the 6th inning.  Breakfast
Lions showed the spark that led it to such a success filled season in the bottom of the
6th inning as it rallied to score 4 runs, energizing the crowds, and most certainly
having the Drillers fans on the edge of their seats.  Wondering if their lead would hold.  
Drs. Stevinsons managed to work their way out of the inning, winning the
Championship game and advancing them to play Lee's Concrete next Saturday June
12th 7pm in the City Championship.  They will also advance to play in the Tournament
of Champions District 10 Tournament beginning June 15th and playing daily until there
is a loss, or they end up on June 20th in the Championship game.  Good Luck team.  
We are pulling for you.  Bring the Championship back to the National League!