mnll boundaries


We are excited to announce a new boundary expansion that has been in the works for awhile.  With the cooperation of Chowchilla Little League and after gaining offiicial approval of Little League Baseball Inc.  We have made an expansion through a northern corridor to the East.  This expansion now takes us to the East of Madera American League and covers the area known as "The Madera Ranchos."  This now covers the areas that would permit those children attending the following schools to participate in Madera National Little League for the 2015 Season.

Dixieland Elementary
Howard Elementary
John Adams Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Sierra View Elementary
St Joachim Elementary School
Webster Elementary

Thomas Jefferson Middle

Ranchos Middle



Our official League Boundaries are described as noted below.


Road 14 North to Avenue 15.

Avenue 15 from Road 14 East to Road 16.

Road 16 North to Avenue 20.

Avenue 20 from Road 16 East to Road 20.

Road 20 from Avenue 20 North to Avenue 21.

Avenue 21 from Road 20 East to Road 21.

Road 21 North to Avenue 23.

Avenue 23 East to Road 27

Road 27 from Avenue 23 North to Avenue 26

Avenue 26 East to Road 29 Covering all addresses both North and South on Avenue 26 in this area

From Road 29 follow a diagonal across the countryside to the curve in the Road where Rd 603/Daulton Rd turns towards Raymond Rd. This should cover both sides of Rd 603/Daulton Rd as well.

Continue Southeast on Rd 603/Daulton Rd to Road 400/Rd 400 covering all addresses on this road.

From the intersection of Rd 603 and Rd 400 diagonal Southeast to the Four Corners Intersection of Highway 41 and Highway 145.

Highway 145 South to the San Joaquin River.

San Joaquin River West to Road 32.

Road 32 North to Avenue 21 ½

Avenue 21 ½ West to Road 31 ½

Road 31 ½ North to Avenue 22

Avenue 22 West to Road 30

Road 30 North to Dry Creek

Dry Creek to Road 28 ½

Dry Creek at Road 28 ½ to Avenue 22. Following the line of Avenue 22, becoming Avenue 22 to Road 26/Countryside Dr.

Road 26 South to Cleveland Avenue.

Cleveland Avenue West to Freeway 99.

Freeway 99 South to Yosemite Avenue.

Yosemite Avenue Southwest to Olive Ave.

Olive Ave West to Pine Street.

Pine Street South to Avenue 13.

Avenue 13 West to Road 14.