In a 7th Inning effort.  Madera National 12 year Olds get past Chowchilla 5-4.  The
game was close througout.  A 6th inning effort by Chowchilla sent the game to 7
innings, where Madera scored 2 more runs.  Chowchilla wasn't done though, and came
back to score one more run, and had everyone in the stands on the edge of their seats,
with bases loaded when Madera managed the final out for the win.  Great Job boys.

The 9 & 10 year olds pulled off a stunning 11-0 win versus Chowchilla.  With a great
batting effort, and pitching to keep Chowchilla off balance, Madera made the statement
to all, their in it to win it.  Keep up the great work boys.

Both teams travel to Atwater on Sunday.  They will both meet Turlock National League
teams at 1pm.  If you are travelling to the game, you can take 99 North to the Atwater
Exit.  Once off the freeway, turn Right onto Shaffer Rd.  Follow Shaffer Rd until you
get to E. Bellevue Rd.  Turn Right, the Ball Park is on your left shortly after you turn
right onto Bellevue.