mnll all stars no dateAs it gets closer to the end of the regular season, the stands start to buzz with the questions from parents and player alike.  I wonder who's going to be on the All-Star team this season?  How do they pick these players anyways?  It's probably just the manager picking his favorites!  As this seems to be a somewhat secretive and confidential process, let me try to explain it so that everyone can understand.  It is not at all a secret process.  It is not a random selection, but a vote. The procedure can be found in the league Ground Rules section titled All-Stars.  Depending on the age group there are two different processes.

Let's start first with the 9/10 year old, and 10/11 year old teams.  Typically these teams are made up of players in the older age group for each team.  It is rare to find 9 year olds on the 9/10 teams, and 10 year olds on the 10/11 team. Both of these teams are selected the same way.  Each Major division team has 3 votes.  One for the manager, and one for each of the main rostered coaches.  At this time, the 4th coach does not recieve a ballot to vote unless one of the other coaches is unavailable at voting time.  Each Manager and Coach receives a ballot listing all of the players eligible for that age division, 9 & 10 year olds on the 9/10 ballots, and 10 & 11 year olds on the 10/11 ballots.  All voters select who they believe are the best 8 players on each of these team ballots.  Once voting is complete.  The votes are totaled and the top 12 players to receive votes are placed on their respective teams.  Once Managers are selected, the Manager of the team has the ability to add a 13th and/or 14th player to the roster to make sure the team has the best makeup and all of the necessary position players in place.

The 11/12 year old team runs a similar process, and like the two younger teams is most often made up of only 12 year olds.  The main different for this team is that it has a nomination ballot before the actual voting ballot.  When the managers and coaches receive the ballots for nomination, these ballots include all eligible 11 and 12 year olds, except those from their own teams.  This is to attempt to remove any special favoritism to their own players and create a ballot with only those players that the entire group of managers and coaches think are the best to represent the league.  They must select 8 players from this nomination list.  The top 24 nominees are then reviewed by the Board of Directors to make sure no players have been excluded that might have a special contribution to make. Once approved, the final ballot then goes back to the manager and coaches.  At this time they can then vote for any player, even from their own team, that deserves to be placed on our 11/12 tournament team. The players who receive enough votes to be the top 12 voted players in the voting are then placed on the team.  As with the 9/10's, and 10/11's, once managers are selected, the manager of the team has the ability to add a 13th and/or 14th player to the roster to make sure the team has the best makeup and all of the necessary position players in place.



For the first time since 1993, Madera National 12 year olds have advanced to the Northern California Divisional Tournament as Section 6 Champions.  Madera clinched the Section 6 Championship Wednesday night against Visalia with a solid 9-5 victory.  As they have done all along in this all star season, they supported each other through tough moments and celebrated each others individual accomplishments bringing them through this second level of All-star play with an undefeated record.  They now move to Chico on Saturday at 6 pm to begin their next leg of the trip toward the ultimate goal of Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.  The team will be in Chico from Saturday through Thursday of next week taking part in this tournament.  If you can take some time to make the trip to support them this weekend, it would be greatly appreciated.  If you know of a sponsor that can help the league defray some of these travel expenses for the boys and their families, please contact a coach, or board member.  All help is appreciated.

Saturday the 12 year olds faced Morada Little League out of District 8 from the Stockton Area, winning 6-4 to advance in the winners bracket.  They will face Visalia from District 34 Monday night at 8pm.  As Visalia is the host league, the team is hoping you will make the quick trip to Visalia to lend your support.  

madera national 2011 - twelvesOn Thursday night Madera National Little League's 12 year old All Stars faced Atwater for the 2nd game of the District 10 Championship in Madera, on Madera American Leagues Field.  The boys started out convincingly and finished their effort as undeafeted during tournament play Champions of District 10.  They advance on Saturday 7/16/11 to play in Visalia against Morada from District 8 at 11am.  The boys appreciate your support.  If you have the opportunity, please take a quick drive down to Visalia to give them your support.  Way to go boys!  The league and community are proud of your accomplishments, and can't wait for you to bring home a Section title.

Please join us on Facebook.  Go to and click on the Like button.  We will try to keep everyone in the loop as the boys progress through the tournament.

I had a large article written on the first week of All Stars, but I guess it was too long as it disappeared when I went to post it.  So to save you some reading, the brackets have been updated and are posted in the Schedule section of the website.  The 12 year olds have won 3 games and play Friday against Reedley at 7pm here at home.  The 11 year olds had two tough games and are awaiting the results of a protest to see if their All-Star experience will continue.  The 10 year olds have won 2 and lost 1.  They play Thursday in Fresno against Sunnyside at 7pm.  Please continue to support these great players.  It has been a great All-Star season so far, and we look forward to seeing continued success.

All-Star Brackets for the 12 year old and the 10 year old teams have been posted for our Area of the All-Star tournament.  We will try to keep these updated as we know the results.  We will hopefully get the 11 year old teams brackets up Tuesday or Wednesday night.  As the All-Star tournament begins tomorrow, we want to wish all of our teams the greatest luck.  Please come out and support the 10 year olds tomorrow Tuesday 6/28 at 4:30pm, and the 12 year olds at 7pm here at home.  The teams welcome the support of the crowd. Both brackets can be found under the Schedules menu at the top and the left.  Or 12 year olds here, and 10 year olds here.