Welcome to the new Madera National Little League website.  With this new website, we have converted to a content management system where it should be easier to update and maintain.  More individuals will be involved in the maintenance of the website and you should find more complete information, in a more timely manner throughout the season and off-season.  

The 11 year old All-Star team won it's first game of their All-Star season tonight 12-4
over Los Banos National.  They are now off again until after the 4th of July holiday
weekend and will play in Turlock versus Turlock American Little League on July 6th.  
Please go and support the team if you can.  Good Luck boys!

Draft And Team Assignments Complete -

Opening Day - Complete

Carnival Day - Complete


City Championship -

AA - Friday June 10th 6:00pm

AAA - Saturday June 11th 4:00pm

Majors - Saturday June 11th 7:30pm

Special 60th Anniversary Commemeration and Awards before Majors Game at 7:00pm


More Dates to be announced as plans develop.

Stay tuned for TOC schedule and All-Star dates!


Little League International Discusses Composite Bat Moratorium

On Dec. 30, 2010, Little League International announced it had expanded its moratorium on the use of composite bats to all of its baseball divisions, including the Little League (Majors) division, effective immediately.

Because of the moratorium, several common questions have arisen. We have addressed the most common questions below with Patrick Wilson, Little League International’s Vice President of Operations.

The announcement regarding the moratorium is here:http://www.littleleague.org/media/newsarchive/2010/Sep-Dec/CompositeBatMoratium.htm

All-Star tournament is now on it's 4th of July weekend break.  Tonight the 12 year old
team faced Turlock American in Madera and suffered it's first defeat of the tournament
in a staggering 14-4 loss.  They are still alive and now find themselves in the
elimination bracket.  They will play next on July 6th against either Turlock National or
Atwater depending on the outcome of their game tonight.

In the 10 year old division, Madera found itself winners against Los Banos American
with a resounding 13-3 victory.  They will play next, also on July 6th, versus the loser
of the Atwater versus Turlock National game played tonight.

We should have the details of both matchups tomorrow night.  Until then, have a safe
and happy Independence Day weekend.

Find links to the All-Star Rosters on our Stats page.  Once brackets are released, we
will post them here to follow the teams on their quest for the District 10 title.

On September 15th the Annual Membership meeting was held at Round Table Pizza to elect the Board of Directors for the 2011 Little League Season.  On October 1st the new board officially assumed their new positions and for the new season, below is the list of officers.  If you should have any questions please direct them to these people who have volunteered to provide the best possible Little League experience for the children of our community.


President - Mike Gentry

Vice President Majors - Dana DeFranco

Vice President Minors - Andy Medellin

Player Agent - Chonna DeFranco

Secretary - Dasha Staab

Treasurer - Janet Bitter

Umpire Coordinator - Dave Eller

Safety Officer - Sean Carrell

Fields & Maintenance - Ray Hix

Equipment Manager - Mark Meyers

Public Relations - Bill Gomes

Fundraising Coordinator - Cathy Gomes

Sponsor / Signs - Bill Carr

Scorekeeping Coordinator - Mike Alvarez

Programs - Roman Noriega

The 9 & 10 year olds All-Star team rebounded from their loss on Sunday in Atwater,
with a victory Tuesday night at home against Los Banos National.  Their 7-3 win
advances them to play Thursday in Los Banos against the Los Banos American league
team.  With one loss and two wins they continue in the elimination bracket and must
continue to win if they want to continue to play.  Keep up the good work boys.

Austin Ford's had a great pitching outing today.  Leading the Madera National 12 year
old All-Stars to a second game victory over a strong Turlock National team.  Austin got
a lot of help, with the bats firing all through the team.  Jordan Wilkins had a 2 run
Home Run shot over middle center to widen the gap.  With the 8-3 victory, the 12 year
olds get the next 3 days off and play Thursday against Turlock American, site To Be

The 10 year olds weren't as fortunate.  A Turlock National Home Run in the first inning
worked to deflate the energy of the team.  It wasn't until the bottom of the 4th when
the boys started to fight back with a 3 run inning that kept them alive and allowed
them 2 more innings to try to find some of the magic they had in their bats on
Saturday.  Unfortunately the deficit was too big, and Turlock managed to add 4 more
runs in the final 2 innings, beating Madera 15-4.  The 10 year olds will face Los Banos
National at 7pm Tuesday night at home on Field #1 Town & Country Park.  Now in the
elimination bracket.  They must pull it together with no further losses in the district
tournament.  Good Luck Boys!


After a successful first round of AAA playoffs, Four teams advance to the semi-finals on Thursday June 2nd.  The tournament proves to be an exciting end of season experience for all the players.  With close games all around.  We did have an upset with #6 seed State Farm moving past #3 Mazon Trucking.  They will meet #2 Garibay CPA on Thursday night at field #1.  We wish all the players the best of luck as the tournament continues.

The schedule is now posted on the Schedules page.  Team names have been added to the 2011 Players and Teams link found on the Players page for AAA and AA teams. Majors stats are now posted in the Players section.  Look for more updates soon.

The AA and AA schedules have been posted, with AA tournament underway this week.  We thought a day to day recap of the next couple of weeks would benefit everyone to see all of the activities at a glance.

Mon May 30 - 5:45pm field #6 AAA          7:45pm field #6  AAA

                          5:45pm field #1 AAA         7:45pm field #1  AAA

Tue May 31 - 5:45pm field #1 Majors     7:50pm field #1 Majors

Wed June 1 - 6:00pm field #1 - AA Championship Game

Thur June 2 - 5:45pm field #1 - AAA Semi-Final Game

                         7:45pm field #1 - AAA Semi-Final Game

Fri June 3 - NO GAMES

Sat June 4 - 6:00pm field #1 - Majors Championship

Mon June 6 - 6:00pm field #1 - AAA Championship


We want to wish all the kids good luck as they pursue their tournament goals.  As it has been the past couple seasons, we look for this to be an exciting week, and don't be surprised, if a team rises up to knock out the season favorite.  That's why we play the games!



Find links to the All-Star Rosters and brackets on our Stats page.  Good Luck Teams!  
We will try to keep the brackets up to date as time permits throughout the All-Star

Creamer Tile successfully defended it's City Championship title Saturday against the
Madera American League Minor Champions Perkos Cafe.  In the Majors Championship
game Drs. Stevinsons fought a strong Lee's Concrete team, but unfortunately in the
end couldn't make it happen. Both teams now move on to the Tournament of
Champions tournament beginning Tuesday 6/15/10.

Here we go with the second set of rainout games. See everyone Saturday.


Field #1
10:00 -  Kiwanis vs. Round Table
12:15 -Breakfast Lions vs. Pete's
2:30p- Drs. Stevenson vs. McDonalds
4:45 -  Creamer Tile vs. Madera Ford


Field #6
10:00  -   Cedar Creek vs. Stellar
11:30 -  Ciummo & Assoc. vs. Balbas
1:30p- Big Valley vs. Evening Lions
3:00p -  Purl's vs. State Farm


In the AA tonight, Pool Care defeated Mazon Trucking 7-4 in a game very worthy of a
championship.  We would like to congratulate both teams on a great season, and wish
Pool Care much luck next Friday 6/11/10 against Silva's Construction from the
American League.

In the AAA, Creamer Tile beat Sam Balbas Painting 9-0 to win the AAA League
Championship.  They will face the American League Champion which will be decided on
6/5/10, next Saturday at 4:30pm on Field #2.  Good Luck Creamer Tile.  Creamer will
also represent the league in the Tournament of Champions minor division.

Major division stats have been updated.  There are still a few games to be entered into the database, that should happen in the near future.  The errors that kept the complete team listings from populating has been corrected.  And once again the team hi's reports should be working.  If you find any pages that aren't working.  Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and i will try to see what is causing the problem.


We have been very challenged with qualified volunteer help to keep the AA updated and with the accuracy of the stats and standings reports for the AAA.  We will try to get some type of standings reports posted for these divisions that are current in the near future.


Thank you for your patience while we address these issues.

The AA Playoff follows a pool format with 2 pools.  Pool 1 is Big Valley News, Cedar Creek, and Cen Cal.  Pool 2 is Stellar Distributing, Pool Care, and Evening Lions.  The team with the best record at the end of the pool play tournament from each pool will advance to the League Championship game.  The tournament begins Monday 5/23 and goes through until Friday 5/27.  There is a game each night and all games are at 5:45, except on Thursday 5/26 there are two AA games, one at 5:45 and the other at 7:25.  All games are at Field #6.

The Championship game will be Wednesday 6/1/11 at 6:00pm on Field #1.  Pool matchups are as follows.


  May Time Teams
Mon. 23rd 5:45 Big Valley News Cedar Creek
Tues. 24th 5:45 Stellar Distributing PoolCare
Wed. 25th 5:45 Cedar Creek Cen Cal
Thurs. 26th 5:45 Evening Lions Stellar Distributing
    7:25 Cen Cal Big Valley News
Fri. 27th 5:45 PoolCare Evening Lions
*Home team is listed first and will occuppy 1st base dugout

As of 8:00pm on Friday night 3/18/11.  We intend to complete our Opening Day program as scheduled.  The Board of Directors will meet at 8:30am Saturday morning 3/19/11 on the fields of Town & Country Park.  We will then make a decision on the ability to hold our ceremonies, and which if any games will be played Saturday.  If it is not raining, the intention is to hold the ceremonies, then evaluate the fields for the ability to play our scheduled games.  We may have ceremonies, but no games, or have a delay until later in the day to begin the scheduled games.  An announcement will be made in the morning, at the park.  Please plan on coming to the park as scheduled.  All players are needed to arrive by 8:40am, so we may line up for the opening ceremonies to begin at 9:00am.

The weather has wreaked havoc on our first week of games.  We have rescheduled most of the missed games to be played on Saturday 4/2/11.  The game times are as follows.  This is of course, depending on the field conditions, and not being rained out again on Saturday.  Keep checking here for further updates.



Field #1
9:00 -  Madera Ford vs Creamer
11:15 -McDonalds vs Dr Stevenson
1:30p- Pete's vs Breakfast Lions
3:45 -  Round Table vs Kiwanis
6:00 -  Sam Balbas vs Andy's
Field #6
9:00  -   Evening Lions vs Cen Cal
10:30 -  State Farm vs Purl's
12:30p- Pool Care vs Cedar Creek
2:00p -  Ciummo vs Garibay
4:00p -  Mazon vs Art's Construction


Creamer Tile was successful in it's game against Sanger in the first round minor league
TOC game tonight, winning with a decisive 12-2 ten run rule victory.  They will face
Los Banos at home at 4:30pm on Wednesday 6/16/10.

Drs. Stevinsons also had a great game against their first round opponent Rockies from
Sanger.  Drs. Stevinsons played well, capitalizing on several mistakes on the bases by
Sanger to complement the great pitching effort of Conlin McGuire, Caleb Pursell, and
Adam Gomez.  They will also face Los Banos at home at 7:00pm on Wednesday

Good Luck to both teams!

Rain or Shine, Madera National LIttle League will be hosting sign-ups from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Saturday, on field 1, at Town and Country Park.  The league is tracking the weather updates and tryouts will be determined at tryout times. This is the final weekend to sign up.  Please bring your players and have them signed up if they wish to play during the 2011 Season. Deadline for all returning Major League Players is Saturday at Noon.  If you have already signed up to play and are missing proofs of residency, or have not confirmed payment arrangements, please do so by contacting Chonna DeFranco at 974-0252 by 2:00 PM Saturday, or your player may not be eligible for draft.

Seeding for the AAA division playoffs has been determined.  See AAA Playoff article below that has been updated with the teams and their playing times as they start the tournament on Monday.

All three All-Star teams had their seasons come to and end tonight.  With 12 year olds playing Turlock American.  The team finished by losing 10-2 to the undefeated team
from Turlock.  The 12 year olds have much to be proud of.  Making it in the northern area tournament past 5 teams elimination before they were, making them 2nd place in
the North.  Great job boys.  It's been great having you play in the National League.  Much luck in your futures as you move beyond Little League.

The 11 year-old team fell to Los Banos National tonight 4-3.  Playing in Los Banos, the boys put up a good fight, but just couldn't pull it out tonight.  Enjoy the rest of your
summer we'll look forward to seeing you next spring when you return as our 12 year old leaders next season.

The 10 year old team played Atwater at home in Madera tonight.  These young boys showed a lot of their potential, with a breakout 3rd inning effort to put them in the
lead.  They were unable to hold the lead, as they made numerous errors in the game, and Atwater capitalized winning 11-8 in 6 innings.  Their were many bright moments
from this young group.  The league should be confident that our All-Star future is in their capable hands.  With just a little more experience, these boys are sure to have an
exciting All-Star future.

Good Luck to all, enjoy your summer.  Please check back frequently for summer updates and information regarding the leagues planning activities for next season.

Madera National Little League is searching for quality candidates to lead our teams for the 2011 season.

If you are interested in managing or coaching a team for the upcoming 2011 season, it is necessary to complete a letter of intent, accompanied with a 2011 Volunteer Application, and a copy of your current California Drivers License or Identification.  And submit these to the league by November 30, 2010.

You may mail your completed request to Madera National Little League, P.O. Box 1176, Madera, CA 93639-1176.  Or give to any current board member.  You may see the list of the 2011 Board of Directors by going here.

The 2011 Volunteer Application can be found here.  Your letter of intent simply needs to state who you are, what division you are interested in managing or coaching  in, and briefly list your qualifications.

If you have any questions you may simply send an email or call Dana DeFranco VP Majors 661-8180 or Andy Medellin VP Minors 673-7952.

In a 7th Inning effort.  Madera National 12 year Olds get past Chowchilla 5-4.  The
game was close througout.  A 6th inning effort by Chowchilla sent the game to 7
innings, where Madera scored 2 more runs.  Chowchilla wasn't done though, and came
back to score one more run, and had everyone in the stands on the edge of their seats,
with bases loaded when Madera managed the final out for the win.  Great Job boys.

The 9 & 10 year olds pulled off a stunning 11-0 win versus Chowchilla.  With a great
batting effort, and pitching to keep Chowchilla off balance, Madera made the statement
to all, their in it to win it.  Keep up the great work boys.

Both teams travel to Atwater on Sunday.  They will both meet Turlock National League
teams at 1pm.  If you are travelling to the game, you can take 99 North to the Atwater
Exit.  Once off the freeway, turn Right onto Shaffer Rd.  Follow Shaffer Rd until you
get to E. Bellevue Rd.  Turn Right, the Ball Park is on your left shortly after you turn
right onto Bellevue.

Tryouts and Draft were completed on Saturday February 19, 2011.  All teams have been selected and Managers put in place.  Some teams may still be in need of coaching help, so parents please offer your assistance to a Manager that is short coaches.  The Majors and AAA divisions each have their equipment and should be calling their players to setup the first practices of the season.  AA players should be expecting calls near the end of the week as we had more teams than expected and are waiting on equipment to arrive to complete the needs for AA division. 

Please remember that these Managers and Coaches are volunteers and have regular jobs and responsibilities that don't end just because the teams have been drafted.  Please wait until after Saturday February 26th to begin worrying why you haven't heard from your players Manager.  If after that point you haven't heard anything, please check back here for more information, or call Chonna DeFranco at 974-0252. 

Major division Championship game tonight saw 3rd seed Drs. Stevinsons win it all in 6
innings against regular season leaders Breakfast Lions.  Jordan Wilkins led the effort
pitching limiting Breakfast Lions to just one run entering the 6th inning.  Breakfast
Lions showed the spark that led it to such a success filled season in the bottom of the
6th inning as it rallied to score 4 runs, energizing the crowds, and most certainly
having the Drillers fans on the edge of their seats.  Wondering if their lead would hold.  
Drs. Stevinsons managed to work their way out of the inning, winning the
Championship game and advancing them to play Lee's Concrete next Saturday June
12th 7pm in the City Championship.  They will also advance to play in the Tournament
of Champions District 10 Tournament beginning June 15th and playing daily until there
is a loss, or they end up on June 20th in the Championship game.  Good Luck team.  
We are pulling for you.  Bring the Championship back to the National League!

Drs. Stevinsons Drillers continued to pull it together when they had to, and pulled off
an incredible 6th inning rally to come back from a 3-2 deficit to beat Los Banos in their
second round TOC game tonight in Madera.  With a solo Home Run from Adam Medellin
early on to keep them close enough for the later attack, the team brought out the bats,
and some aggressive base running to defeat Los Banos 5-3 to stay alive.  They will face
the other Los Banos league in Los Banos Thursday night at 7pm in Los Banos.  If you
can make the trip, the team would love to have your support.

In the Minor League TOC game tonight Creamer Tile saw their season come to an end
against a very strong Los Banos Minor League team that beat Creamer 10-0.  
Congratulations on a great season boys.

All-Stars continued for the 3 Madera National Teams tonight after enjoying the holiday weekend break.  Tonight the 12 year old team traveled to Turlock and beat Turlock
National 20 - 7.  They will travel back to Turlock on Wednesday to face the Turlock American team they played last week.  They will need to beat them twice to advance to
the District 10 Championship Game on Saturday.

The 11 year old team found themselves on the losing end of a tough match-up ending in 7 innings against Turlock American 7 - 4.  They travel to Los Banos on Wednesday
July 7th to play Los Banos American.

The 10 year olds continue on with a 7 inning 13-11 victory against Turlock National in Madera on Tuesday night.  They will return to play at home on Wednesday July 7th at
7pm against an undefeated Atwater team.  If they can beat Atwater Wednesday, they will play them again on Thursday for the Area 2 Championship of District 10.  

Good Luck to all 3 teams.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm Stellar Distributing 8
Cedar Creek 10
7:15 pm PoolCare 3
State Farm Ins 4
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm Garibay, CPA 5
Madera Ag 6
7:15 pm Cen Cal 2
Diebert Tile 10
Thursday, March 22, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm Cedar Creek ...
Cen Cal ...
7:15 pm State Farm Ins ...
Garibay, CPA ...
Thursday, March 22, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm Diebert Tile ...
PoolCare ...
7:15 pm Madera Ag ...
Stellar Distributing ...
Tuesday, March 27, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm Cen Cal ...
Madera Ag ...
7:15 pm Garibay, CPA ...
PoolCare ...
Tuesday, March 27, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm Stellar Distributing ...
State Farm Ins ...
7:15 pm Cedar Creek ...
Diebert Tile ...
Thursday, March 29, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm Diebert Tile ...
Garibay, CPA ...
7:15 pm Madera Ag ...
Cedar Creek ...
Thursday, March 29, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm PoolCare 3
Stellar Distributing 3
7:15 pm State Farm Ins 8
Cen Cal 5
Tuesday, April 03, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm Madera Ag ...
Diebert Tile ...
7:15 pm Cen Cal ...
PoolCare ...
Tuesday, April 03, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm Cedar Creek ...
State Farm Ins ...
7:15 pm Stellar Distributing ...
Garibay, CPA ...
Thursday, April 05, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm Garibay, CPA 6
Cen Cal 8
7:15 pm Diebert Tile 7
Stellar Distributing 12
Thursday, April 05, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm PoolCare 6
Cedar Creek 9
7:15 pm State Farm Ins 2
Madera Ag 1
Tuesday, April 10, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm State Farm Ins ...
Diebert Tile ...
7:15 pm Cen Cal ...
Stellar Distributing ...
Tuesday, April 10, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm Madera Ag ...
PoolCare ...
7:15 pm Cedar Creek ...
Garibay, CPA ...
Thursday, April 12, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm Madera Ag ...
Garibay, CPA ...
7:15 pm State Farm Ins ...
PoolCare ...
Thursday, April 12, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm Diebert Tile ...
Cen Cal ...
7:15 pm Cedar Creek ...
Stellar Distributing ...
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm Stellar Distributing ...
Madera Ag ...
7:15 pm PoolCare ...
Diebert Tile ...
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm Garibay, CPA ...
State Farm Ins ...
7:15 pm Cen Cal ...
Cedar Creek ...
Thursday, April 19, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm State Farm Ins ...
Stellar Distributing ...
7:15 pm PoolCare ...
Garibay, CPA ...
Thursday, April 19, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm Diebert Tile ...
Cedar Creek ...
7:15 pm Madera Ag ...
Cen Cal ...
Tuesday, April 24, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm Cen Cal ...
State Farm Ins ...
7:15 pm Cedar Creek ...
Madera Ag ...
Tuesday, April 24, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm Stellar Distributing ...
PoolCare ...
7:15 pm Garibay, CPA ...
Diebert Tile ...
Thursday, April 26, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm State Farm Ins ...
Cedar Creek ...
7:15 pm Diebert Tile ...
Madera Ag ...
Thursday, April 26, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm PoolCare ...
Cen Cal ...
7:15 pm Garibay, CPA ...
Stellar Distributing ...
Tuesday, May 01, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm Stellar Distributing ...
Diebert Tile ...
PoolCare ...
Tuesday, May 01, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm Cen Cal ...
Garibay, CPA ...
7:15 pm Madera Ag ...
State Farm Ins ...
Thursday, May 03, 2012 Field #4
5:45 pm Garibay, CPA ...
Cedar Creek ...
7:15 pm Stellar Distributing ...
Cen Cal ...
Thursday, May 03, 2012 Field #6
5:45 pm PoolCare ...
Madera Ag ...
7:15 pm Diebert Tile ...
State Farm Ins ...

All-Star Donation Letter

If you have a sponsor that you think would like to donate to help our All Star team and their families with travel expenses during the tournament, please provide them with the donation letter below so they may have the appropriate tax information for a deduction.

Thanks for your support.


Donation Letter

For More Details.

 Download our flyer

 Register NOW!

Signups & Clinics -

Signups begin at 9am and continue to 3pm.

Clinics start at 1:00pm and go until 3:00pm

Saturday January 28th, 2012

Saturday February 4th, 2012


Signups & Tryouts -

Signups begin at 9am and continue to 3pm

Tryouts begin at 12pm and end at 3pm

12pm - 8 year olds

1pm - 9 year olds

2pm 10, 11, & 12 year olds.

Saturday February 11th, 2012

Saturday February 18th, 2012


Deadline for Returning Majors to Register

12:00pm Saturday

February 18th, 2012


Opening Day -

Saturday March 24th, 2012 


Carnival Day -

Saturday April 28th, 2012


More Dates to be announced as plans develop.

Frequently Asked Questions 

his FAQ is intended for all parents. If you are new to T-Ball, you might find a few more specific answers in our T-Ball FAQ.

If my question is not answered here, where can I get more information?

What ages can play?

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Where can I get information on registration?

This is my child's first year and I need to show proof of age or proof of residence. What do I do?

Why do we need to provide so much proof of age and residency?

My child has never played before. What skill level is required? At what level should I register?

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A: We try to put as much as we can on our web site at www.maderanational.com.  You might want to start with the Parent's Handbook here:http://pabaseball.org/parents/handbook.html

Local rules can be found here: http://pabaseball.org/info/rulebook.php

We have found these links useful: http://pabaseball.org/info/links.php

Q: What ages can play?

A: Players with a “Little League” age of 5-16 can play. A player's Little League age is determined by his or her age on April 30, 2010. A Little League age calculator can be found on our site here. Any child (boy or girl) born between May 1, 1993 and April 30, 2005 is eligible to play Little League in Palo Alto this year.

Q: Can girls play?

A: Yes. Little League is for boys and girls. For those who think girls can't throw, check out this article on Katie Brownell's perfect game.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katie_Brownell

Q: When is registration?

A: Registration begins in early December and ends in early March. After January, late registration is followed by a waitlist. For specific dates of registration seehttp://pabaseball.org/registration/index.php

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Registration is online. Please go to www.pabaseball.org for information. Actual registration is done at http://registration.pabaseball.org

Q: Where can I get information on registration?

A: Most of the information you need is here:http://pabaseball.org/registration/index.php A section to read carefully is here:http://pabaseball.org/registration/eligibility.php

Q: This is my child's first year and I need to show proof of age or proof of residence. What do I do?

A: Please come to an in-person registration listed here:http://pabaseball.org/registration/index.php

If you miss in-person registration, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q: Why do we need to provide so much proof of age and residency?

A: Sadly, many people have cheated in Little League. A team even made it to World Series by fielding a 14 year old, 2 years older than allowed. Consequently, Little League International has established strict rules on the subject that we must follow.

Q: My child has never played before. What skill level is required? At what level should I register?

A: No baseball experience required. For a new player, you should consider the following guidelines:

  • 5-6 T-Ball
  • 7-8 Coach Pitch
  • 9-10 Machine Pitch
  • 11 PCL
  • 12 Majors
  • 13-14 Juniors (players starting baseball at this level or above is rare)
  • 15-16 Seniors

Skill evaluations help to place players "playing up" from their default level. The player agents decide placement for all levels except Majors, where players are drafted by team managers.

Although we like to encourage kids to pick up baseball at any age, players at the higher levels have more strength and experience. If you have any questions, you should discuss your child's prospects with the player agent of the appropriate level prior to tryouts.

Q: What does it mean "American" and "National"?

A: Palo Alto Little League has two divisions in the Majors league. Divisions may not have more than ten Majors teams and divisions within the same community may not vary by more than one team. "Palo Alto American" and "Palo Alto National" are the names of the Palo Alto Little League divisions. Both leagues draft eligible players living within the Palo Alto and Stanford boundaries (common-pool draft). Palo Alto has All Star teams representing each of these divisions. Players are only eligible for the All Star teams in their divisions.

Q: How long is the season?

A: The practices will start around mid-March, with games starting in early April. The season usually ends around the first Saturday in June. Once the season has been scheduled, it will appear at http://www.pabaseball.org/calendar/

Q: Once I'm registered, what's next?

There is a Parent's meeting in mid March (except Majors, Juniors and Seniors). You should receive an email with the exact date, but just in case, check the web site at http://www.pabaseball.org/calendar/ At the parent's meeting, you will find out more information about the season, which team your child has been placed and practices times. At this point, your manager takes over team-related communication.

Q: When, how long and how often are practices?

A: It depends on the division.

Tball, Coach Pitch and Machine Pitch:

  • Practice days and locations are fixed and are set prior to the Parents meeting.
  • Practices begin after the Parent's Meeting in mid March.
  • Teams generally practice two times per week before the season starts.& Once the season starts, teams have a practice on a weeknight.
  • Games start in mid April.
  • Practice length depends on the division and the manager's preference, ranging from about one hour in T-Ball and up to 1 ½ hours in Machine Pitch.
  • Machine Pitch teams often add a batting practice.

PCL, Majors and Juniors

  • Practice days and locations are fixed and are set prior to the Parents meeting.
  • PCL will expect players to attend clinics which will be held in late part of February.
  • Practices begin after the Parent's Meeting in mid March (after the draft for Majors)
  • Teams generally practice 2-3 times per week before the season starts. Once the season starts, teams have two practices per week and possibly batting practice.
  • Practice length depends on the division and the manager's preference, ranging from about 1 ½-2 hours

The Seniors season is somewhat compressed with possibly more than two games per week, so there is often only one practice.

Q: When and how often are games?

A: Once the season begins, there are games twice per week. One game will be on a weeknight. The day of week will change from week to week, but the start times will be around 5:00 (although the schedule is not yet set). The other game will be on Saturday, starting at different times each week. Games last 1 ½ hours in lower divisions and 2 hours in PCL and Majors. Juniors and Seniors games may run longer.

Q: What equipment does my child need?

A: Here are the rules and guidelines

  • A glove is required.
  • Boys must wear protective cups if they are catching, although we recommend it for all players above T-Ball.
  • Some kids like knee pads and, when they are old enough to slide, sliding pants.
  • Most kids also wear cleats, though they are not strictly required. Cleats do help prevent kids slipping on the grass. Soccer cleats are fine. Note that you can use soccer cleats for baseball, but not baseball cleats in soccer.

Q: Do we need a bat?

A: No. The league provides bats at all levels. If choose to buy a bat, it must be marked "BPF 1.15" to be legal in our League ("Little League Approved" is not sufficient. The bat must comply with all Little League standards, although it does not need to be marked as such. Bats must be in good working condition. For safety reasons, we discourage and, in some cases, prohibit the use of certain high-performance bats. For 2008 season PCL and Majors will only allow players to use aluminum bats provided by the league. Players can also use a personal wood bat that meets LL standards.

Q: What equipment does the League provide?

A: We provide uniforms (jersey and pants), and all playing equipment (bats, bases, Tees, catcher's equipment, batting helmets, etc.).

Q: What kind of glove should I buy?

A: Most importantly, buy a glove that fits properly (big is not necessarily better). It should be small enough so that they can easily raise it and move it around. There's no need to buy an expensive, fancy glove. Often, the most expensive gloves take a long time to break in.

Q: If I choose to buy cleats, what kind of cleats should I buy?

A: Cleats are not required, but can help prevent a child from slipping on the grass. Baseball cleats are slightly different from soccer cleats. Cleats made especially for baseball are not allowed in soccer, and soccer cleats work just fine for baseball at lower levels.

Q: What experience is required for coaches and managers?

A: This depends on level of play.

At the lowest levels, no coaching experience is required. Anyone interested has the opportunity to attend a Coaches Clinic to learn how to teach baseball skills, a Positive Coaching class to learn how to work positively with young children, and a First Aid Training course. If you are good with children, know the basics of the game and have even minimal playing experience, you should consider coaching.

Many managers and coaches start with T-ball and grow with their children. Managing or coaching T-ball is more about children than it is about baseball. If you're interested or are still not sure, contact the T-Ball player agent atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As you advance through the divisions, more knowledge and experience is required.

Q: How are teams formed?

Teams at all levels are created through processes that are intended to balance teams and create the best environment for the players. The specific process differs depending on the level.

Majors and PCL is described here:http://pabaseball.org/calendar/PALL_tryouts_facts_2010.pdf"> (follow the link for the fact sheet).

In T-Ball, Coach Pitch and Machine Pitch, the Player Agent build teams while considering the following:

  1. Each team must have a manager and a coach
  2. Teammate requests
  3. Grouping players by school

Constructing teams is very difficult and time consuming. There are many competing goals that must be balanced. We do our best to accommodate all requests, but that is not always possible.

Juniors and Seniors have skills evaluations and teams are drafted by the managers.

Q: Could you provide more detail about the team volunteer positions?

A: The league is run by volunteers, starting with the Board. It takes roughly 30,000 volunteer hours to conduct a season. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • Manager: Typically, you will be at every practice and game. You will also communicate with the parents with the help of a Team Parent. You also communicate with the Player Agent.
  • Coach: You will spend as much time on the field as a manager, but without some other responsibilities.  Very often a team will have multiple coaches, some of whom are only available at certain times. The "team" approach to coaching works well, especially at the T-ball level.
  • Team Parent: Helps the manager communicate with the parents (e.g., last-minute rained out practice), creates snack schedule, organizes team events and anything else that comes up. This can take some time, but very often you can make your own schedule.
  • Batathon Coordinator: Coordinate with League Batathon coordinator to receive and distribute forms, encourage players to raise money (a significant portion of the League's budget comes from Batathon), and coordinates the team during the Batathon.
  • Pictures: Coordinates the distribution of photos and organizes the team on photo day.
  • Positive Coaching Advocate: One 2 hour training course. Promotes positive behavior throughout the season. This is part of the League's participation in the Positive Coaching Alliancehttp://pabaseball.org/parents/pca.html
  • Scorekeeper: Keep score during games. No training required. A team can have more than one scorekeeper. If you are going to be there anyhow…

Q: Do I need to submit a Volunteer Application?

A: If you have a position that will require interacting with the players (manager, coach, umpire, etc.), you must submit a volunteer application prior to commencing your duties. This is a Little League International rule designed to protect the safety of the kids. The form can be found here:http://www.littleleague.org/common/forms/volunteerapp_08.pdf It must be submitted with a copy of government issued picture ID (e.g., driver's license).

Q: For religious reasons, my child cannot play on certain days. Can we still sign up?

A: Definitely. The most common conflict is play on Saturday. Children that can't play on Saturdays can still have a great season practicing and playing on other days of the week. We try not to schedule multiple kids on the same team with the same conflict as it makes it difficult to field a team. If you have specific needs, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We do our best to avoid religious holidays.  If we've missed something, please let us know atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q: My child goes to school in Palo Alto, but we live in a different city. Can my child play in Palo Alto?

A: Generally, the answer is no. Little League has strict rules on this topic. However, if your city does not offer a Little League program for your child, it might be possible. If you think you have an extenuating circumstance, please contactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.