Am I eligible? Any adult person sincerely interested in active participation to further the objective of this league may apply to become a Regular Member.

Am I already a member? If you are a member of the league’s Board of Directors, manage or officially coach a team in the league this season, or are recognized as a volunteer umpire for the league this season, you are automatically a Regular Member and need not apply.

How do I apply? Fill out the 2013 Regular Member application and pay the $5 membership fee. You may send or deliver the application and fee to:

Madera National Little League
c/o Dasha Staab
P.O. Box 1176
Madera, CA 93639.

You may also bring the form and your membership fee to the annual meeting at Round Table Pizza on September 11, 2013 at 6:30pm.

Why the fee? A Regular Member has an important voice in running the league, and Little League Baseball recommends charging a small fee to confirm a person’s commitment to be involved and further the objectives of the league. The fee becomes part of the league’s operating funds to run the league.

When can I apply? Applications will be accepted through September 11, 2013 for consideration for the current season.

How long does membership last? Membership is for the current season. Persons interested in remaining members must re-apply next season.

What is expected of me? Nothing is formally required of you. However, the league hopes you will attend the Annual Meeting and also vote on the league’s Board of Directors. The league also hopes you become an active participant in the league, such as by being a team parent, helping with field maintenance, volunteering for a league event, or simply supporting the kids with good sportsmanship.

What do I get? You get a voice in the running of the league. As a Regular Member, you will be entitled to attend the league’s Annual Meeting and to vote for the league’s Board of Directors.

Application: 2013 Madera National League Membership Application